20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

I recently turned 20 on Monday April 24th, and although I still feel like I know nothing about anything, I have learned a lot in my two decades on Earth. Here are somethings I’d like to share:

Spending time alone is absolutely necessary and that’s ok.

2 Find things that bring you happiness and hold onto them. Whatever it is, do it.

3 Nature is beautiful and you should do everything you can to absorb as much as possible

4 Change is hard, but you never know if its going to be for the better…so just roll with the punches anyway.

5 Love does not need to be my focus at this point in my life. My focus needs to be my future.

6 Don’t be scared to cry. Like really cry. When life gets to be too much there needs to be that release.

7 Be nice to your parents. They truly only want the best for you. Make sure to take the time to call them even when you think you’re too busy, because I promise you you’re not.

8 Bad people are going to come into your life and they might leave a scar, but that scar has a lesson attached to it, and you have to take it and learn from it.

9 Sometimes staying in your pajamas all day seems like the best idea, but you will feel so much better at the end of the day if you use your time to be productive.

10 Knowledge is the most powerful thing we have so make sure to learn something new everyday. Work to always expand your mind.

11 Surround yourself with people who are good to you, and good for you. Life is too short to waste that precious time on toxic people.

12 Document everything. Take pictures. Take videos. Capture the moment, because you are going to want to look back and remember the good times you had.

13 Don’t be too serious. Laugh until your stomach hurts…even if it is at your own joke.

14 You are so much stronger than you think you are. You never know what you are capable of until you are put in a situation that requires that strength. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, you will get through it.

15 Meet as many new people as you can. This part of your life is full of new people with different stories. Introduce yourself, learn from them.

16 Not caring what people think is almost impossible, BUT it is so important to try your best not to. It only hurts you.

17 Take time for yourself. If you need a day to recharge, take it. Find what makes you relax and do it.

18 Time moves so quickly, and it only gets quicker as you get older. Savor every moment, because it is gone in an instant.

19 Family is the most important thing. Make sure to take the time to assure the people who unconditionally love and care for you how much they mean to you.

20 Your mental illness does not define you. You are so much more than your anxiety. You are more than your depression. It does not make you weak. It does not make you unable.

Learn from everything. Here’s to the next chapter. xxxxx


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