Tips to Personalize Your Space

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Bulletin Boards:

Grab a bulletin board and pin up your favorite pictures and things that are important to you. This adds so much personality to your space.


Get some paper and draw out your favorite quotes. This really helps to make the space feel like yours. I put mine above my desk so I can look at them everyday.

String Lights:

String lights bring so much fun to a space. I hung these pineapple string lights on my mirror for a pop of color. There are so many fun and cute options when it comes to string lights, so look for some that match you best.

Picture Walls:

A picture wall is a perfect way to make your space personal to you. This picture wall is made of an old wrapping paper role and some string. A super easy DIY to really make your place feel like home. So grab your favorite pics of you and your friends and get to craftin’.

Display Shelf:

Put your favorite random objects out for you and guests to see to personalize your area. I use my wall shelf to hold all of my “knickknacks”. It is one of my favorite spaces in my room, because it is full of gifts from my friends after visiting other countries. Also, if you would like to see how I made my floral letter “A” these Pinterest ideas are where I got inspiration.


In most college apartments, you are not allowed to paint your walls. So, tapestries are a perfect way to add color and personality to a room.

Have fun decorating xxxxx


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