Looking Back on the Past 4 Months

I started my blog in January 2017, and I have really enjoyed using this blog as a creative outlet and I plan to continue posting on here. So, I wanted to take a moment to reflect ans analyze how it has gone for me in my first four months of blogging. Blogging has taught me a lot about creating an online presence and using social media to promote myself. An effective tool I found was that writing about things you enjoy will attract people who like similar things. For example, I like makeup and my dog and writing about those things actually introduced me to other, similar bloggers. One thing I would recommend is never post something that you do not 100% care about. If I had to write about something I did not have any interest in, it would be so hard to motivate myself.

I’m brainstorming ways to improve this blog for the future. First, I want to start working harder to take better pictures. I want to enhance my photography skills and dedicate more time to editing them to the best they can be. Like I said, this experience has been very educational for me. I have learned the dos and don’ts of social media promoting and I have even noticed I am getting better at figuring out what posts will do better than others. All these things will become useful in the future when I am trying to get a job. I will have experience using a CMS, building an online presence, and keeping up wiht deadlines. I enjoy going through my WordPress Statistics to see which posts attract the most views and where my visits are coming from.

My most popular week so far was the week of March 6th. I received a total of 37 views throughout the week. I had posted My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products which gained 21 out of my total 37 views for that week. This ended up being my popular post yet. Now that might not seem like a lot, but for me I am still surprised that one person reads my posts…let alone 21. I think this post became the most popular, because makeup is something many people are into and it is a popular blog topic. Good drugstore makeup recommendations is something a lot of people look for…I know I do.

As I look through my Site Stats, there is one thing that surprises me the most. I did not expect to get views from other countries. Although most of my views come from the U.S., I had people from all over Europe and in the Philippines visit my blog throughout the past four months. For example, on my drugstore makeup post, there were views from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands. That is so cool I get to reach people from all over.


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