How I Organize My College Planner

Honestly, my planner keeps me alive. My mind gets so jumbled sometimes that it is important for me to have something I can flip open and see what I need to do. My planner helps me prioritize my assignments and reduces my stress about due dates. I have always used a planner, even in middle school. My school district provides us with them, and then the teachers would do checkpoints to make sure you were using them. I guess it stuck with me, because now I can’t live without it. But, I realize that everyone might not have had that experience and doesn’t really know how to use a planner effectively. So, here are some ways I stay organized using my planner.

Find the perfect pens for you.

My favorite pens are the Paper Mate Flairs. These are felt tips pens, which I love. It feels like a marker, but it wont bleed through your pages. They also come in a variety of bright colors. Office supply shopping is so much fun, because there are so many different types to choose from. Find your favorites and use them for your planner.

Color code your classes.

I am a very visual person, and it makes it easier for me to look quickly at the color and know what class that is. (Plus, it makes your planner look 10x better, if that’s something you care about.) I don’t know about y’all but certain subjects have always been certain colors in my mind. History has always been green. English has always been blue. Whatever it is to you, write everything you need to do for that class in that specific color.

Use the syllabus.

This is one of the most important to do to stay on top of your assignments. As soon as your professor either posts the syllabus online or hands it out on the first day, write all of the important due dates, exam dates, and quiz dates. Additional tip: print out the syllabus and keep it your folder/binder for that class for a quick reference any time you need it.

Add in your work schedule.

If you are like me and are working while going to school it is important to balance work and school work. The first step t doing this is writing your shifts down in you planner as soon as you get your work schedule. This helps me figure out when I need to work on certain assignments. For example, I need to write this paper on Wednesday because I have work Thursday night.

Hopefully, this kickstarts you in the right direction of making your planner useful!



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