5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog During College

Are you thinking about getting a dog while going to school? Are you worried that you won’t have time to take care of it? Being a dog owner is a major commitment, and it is a personal decision. But, here are some reasons I believe having a dog is not only extremely beneficial, but important:

 They are your best companion

My roommate, Maggie, and Rhett taking a couch nap.

There are many times when I would rather be alone with my dog than be around any people, especially when I am stressed. My poodle doesn’t care if I bombed that chem test, he loves me no matter what. The best feeling is walking in the front door after a long day of classes and being greeted by a waging tail that is so happy to see you. All I need sometimes is love from my puppy, and he is a good cuddler.

It forces you to get outside

Dogs need to be walked everyday (obviously), especially when you have an athletic breed. My dog and I go on a short walk in the morning and then our evening walk usually consists of a lap around the complex or some fetch and and play time outside off his leash. This is not only good for him, but for me too. It’s nice going out at night and running around instead of sitting on my couch pressing the “play next episode” button. I have gotten so much more fresh air and exercise because of my dog.

It’s a great way to make friends

Say “Cheeeeeeese.”

I have met many of my neighbors  because we both have dogs. It also seems that people with dogs tend to be nice and energetic. Your dog acts as an excellent conversation starter. “Oh what’s his name?” “What breed are they?” “How old is he?”Then all of a sudden y’all are talking like you’re friends. Then, after a while you will keep seeing each other around.

It teaches you responsibility

You will change the way you do things, because it is better for your dog. And often, it is better for you too. I get up earlier now that I know he has to go outside before I go to class. I also had to start eating dinner at a reasonable time, because I knew that my dog had to eat too. I choose to spend money on things he needs rather than things I want.

Your social media will get exponentially cuter

He loves his new bed!

My Snapchat and Instagram are overflowing with pictures and videos of my dog. My poodle features on my Snapchat at least twice a day. It looks like all I ever do is hangout with my dog, but at least he’s adorable.


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